Welcome to Lifeline Foundations, a leading Nasha Mukti Kendra in Hoshiarpur. We are a team of experienced doctors and other staff members who are dedicated to providing comprehensive and holistic addiction treatment services for those who are looking for help and support in their journey towards recovery.

At Lifeline Foundations we understand that substance abuse and addiction can create a negative impact on both individuals and their loved ones.  With this understanding, our mission is to offer a safe and supportive environment where individuals can find hope and a pathway towards a healthier addiction-free life.

Lifeline Foundations

We offer a wide range of activities to support individuals in their recovery journey –

  • Therapy sessions
  • Counselling sessions
  • Support Groups
  • Holistic activities

Our Centres

Address –

Village Faggan Majra, Patiala

Contact No – +91 7270033333