Rehabilitation Centre in Hoshiarpur

Rehabilitation Centre in Hoshiarpur

Rehabilitation Centre in Hoshiarpur – If you or your loved ones are looking for a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Hoshiarpur then we can help. We specialize in professional and affordable private addiction treatment and luxury rehab in Punjab. Hoshiarpur is one of the cities of Punjab that has been most affected by addiction issues which affects both young and old people from various walks of life. Regardless of what kind of addiction you are struggling with you can easily get professional help through our Private Rehabilitation Centre at Lifeline Foundations. At our Rehabilitation Centre in Hoshiarpur, we specialize in Treating a wide variety of addictions. Especially addictions related to Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol.

Best Rehabilitation Centre in Hoshiarpur

Lifeline Foundations is known as one of the leading and the best Rehabilitation Centre in Hoshiarpur. As a leading Rehabilitation Centre, we offer reputable registered detox as well as rehab for drugs and alcohol. In addition, we want to ensure that many patients in need of help for their addiction problems can access affordable treatment in our centre.

A Brief Overview of the Services our Rehabilitation offers

Lifeline Foundations is a leading addiction treatment centre in Hoshiarpur. We combine edge-cutting facilities and treatment programs to help you make your life addiction-free and healthy. We have a team of experienced and professional Doctors and Counsellors who are not only experts in their field but also compassionate when providing care to patients. Lifeline Foundations is located in the centre of Punjab. It is close to Himachal, and Haryana and can be easily accessed from any part of India. Our Rehabilitation Centre in Hoshiarpur specializes in providing highly effective and personalized care to patients in the form of detox and aftercare therapy.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Program Facilities

Lifeline Foundations has medical experts with years of experience. They can skillfully manage alcohol as well as Drug withdrawals and keep the patients under 24 x 7 medical observations. Our experts also assist the patients in making the correct decision regarding their post-detox addiction treatment recovery options.

Some of our services include

  • Counselling Programs
  • 24 x 7 medical support
  • One-o-one and Group therapy sessions
  • Dual Diagnosis Care
  • Aftercare Therapy